Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company, designs, manufactures and distributes fine custom frames of enduring style and superior craftsmanship. Larson-Juhl has a history of making custom frames for over 100 years and has grown to 24 facilities across the United States and locations in 15 countries around the world.

Larson-Juhl's designers travel the globe in search of unique finishes, exquisite embossings, and intriguing patterns, and its artisans take tremendous pride in the craftsmanship and quality of each frame. It's this attention to detail that makes Larson-Juhl custom frames the finest in the world.

Just as a Larson-Juhl frame adds beauty to a work of art, so does Larson-Juhl as an organization strive to conserve beauty in the environment. The company is proud to have partnered with American Forests to establish the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf Forest Foundation, which assists with forest restoration and establishment around the world.

Custom framing is one of the best ways one can personalize their home and put their signature on their environment.

The business we are in is designing a better quality of life. This all begins with a fantastic frame design that gives enduring style and quality to the artwork. We think great design begins with the premium quality moldings. Our client is investing in a piece to enjoy for a long period of time, and art should be framed in quality moldings to endure and improve with age. When paper art is framed, it should be in the highest quality mat available.

Part of the role of the frame is to create transition from the room environment to the art itself. It should capture the viewer's eye and have it rest on the artwork. Two key elements to make this happen are wide mats and the use of fillets. A wide neutral mat brings more prominence to the artwork, setting it off from its surroundings. Using fillet holds the eye inside the mat and frame and lets it focus on the artwork. When choosing a frame, the art should dictate your choice. The key to a good frame is a motif that complements the artwork.

We are not just in the custom framing industry. Rather, we are in the business of creating special long lasting experiences for our clients.

Long term satisfaction of the client is our goal for every framed piece.

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